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10 Recommendations If You Left the University

Things started well, but then the unthinkable happened and now you are back at the starting point. Regardless of whether you left her or forced her to leave her, you are likely to feel some confusion and fragility. But before you hide in your bed and swear that you will not talk to anyone again, listen to this: you are not the first person to whom the studies have not gone as expected, and you will definitely not be the last.

Although you may feel totally blind in your new situation, you are not a failure to be there. In fact, many famous entrepreneurs, business owners, and satisfied employees did not graduate in college and, even so, have a full life. Here are ten things you can do to quickly restore yourself and your life back to normal.

  1. Breathe

That is: inspire and exhale, inspire and exhale. If you start feeling panic, think about the current moment. Although it may sound too simple and stupid, the times of instability and change are perfect for being aware of oneself. Moreover, it helps us in paying attention to our current thoughts, keeping focused, calms us down and makes our mind stop wandering and centering.

  1. Evaluate what you have learned

Even if you have not graduated, you have learned many things during your time in college. Remember the beginning, surely you felt disoriented. And now? Well, you have learned to live far from home. To break the ice talking to strangers. To manage your time. To investigate and search for information. To make your food. To travel a new city. And so many other things. All those achievements can make you feel great!

  1. Startup

Make yourself that passport, the world awaits you. If you travel you can run away from ordinary life, you will get away from the questions of your family or friends about your studies, and you will know other cultures, foods, landscapes, and ways of life. But, where to go? Find inspiration in blogs, social media, talking with friends, scribbling on scraps of paper or simply spinning a globe and stopping at random. There is no better reset button than a few weeks (or months) away.

  1. Learn a language

It takes time and commitment to study at the university. Although right now you cannot dedicate yourself to your university studies, this does not mean that you cannot commit to other things. Learning a language is a perfect way to take advantage of the time you have to improve, and also to plan your future. When you attend a course, you will meet new people, you will set an objective, you will rediscover the discipline and you will learn something new that you can apply in your future studies and work. An even better step would be to combine language learning with a trip taking a course abroad. As for which language to study: Chinese, Arabic, English, German and French are very good options.

  1. Learn something!

Photography, cooking, programming, graphic design, sewing, carpentry, painting, rock climbing, surfing, music, the list goes on. Take a course of something, anything, to recompose yourself, regain confidence and challenge yourself with something new. Who knows? You could discover a new passion during the process.

  1. Getting back to your interests and hobbies

During high school and college, we often leave aside our hobbies to do the work and prepare exams. This is perfectly understandable, but a life without interests outside of school and work can be tedious. Now you have free time. Recover some old hobby, it will be a good opportunity to relax, reorganize and dream about new possibilities for the future.

  1. A small business begins

So much talking about attending classes and recovering hobbies has surely made your creativity flow! Why do not you redirect that energy and combine it with a bit of entrepreneurial attitude? You are the proud owner of a great business idea! Regardless of whether your idea involves self-employment, selling craft products, planning events or something completely different, there are hundreds of blogs and online communities that can help you define your point of view and outline the steps to find customers. It will not necessarily be fast, but with time and dedication you could end up working partially or even full time on your own!

  1. Make volunteering

Find a goal and feel proud of yourself by volunteering in a good cause. Since there are many charities and assistance organizations that need support, your first task will be to choose one of them. Start by considering what you are passionate about. It could be caring for animals, the environment, and education, ending poverty or finding a cure for a disease. Volunteers can find options in their own city, country, or abroad. Some ads ask for a long-term commitment, which means you could be volunteering in another country for weeks or months.

  1. Looking for a part-time work

If you earn money, you will feel more independent and, therefore, your self-esteem will increase. Improve your curriculum (include what you have learned in college, volunteer positions or the societies to which you belonged) and go for them. Depending on the type of work you want, you can look for it through recruitment agencies or in person. An additional suggestion: if you are looking for work in the hotel or retail sector, many managers appreciate that you bother to go personally to the establishment and introduce yourself.

  1. Speak with a study advisor

If you begin to notice that you want to go back to college, consider visiting a study counselor first. It will help you define future objectives and choose a course or studies that you like. It’s never too late to start again!


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