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A Brief Introduction to Online Proctored Exam

Over the years, the need for online learning has increased rapidly and various methods are being discovered to proctor exams in the most convenient way possible. An online proctored exam refers to remote invigilation which is used when an individual takes online tests along with monitoring software, screen sharing, and with the presence of a human proctor depending upon the nature of the test. Currently, there are three types of exam proctoring services, and they are:

Live Proctoring-It is the oldest form of the exam where the human proctor is present and he or she monitors the group of individuals in real time via webcam. The advantage of this form of proctoring is that the invigilator can intervene pretty easily and directly without any hassle.

Proctoring via Recording-In this form, the exam session is being recorded so that the proctor can look back at it to detect any fraudulent activity in order to ensure the integrity of the exam. The university or institution tells the proctor whether the random selection or everything of the video should be reviewed.

Automated Proctoring-A software is used to detect any possible chances of fraudulent activity. Additionally, the software can detect if there’s any other software is opened during the exam. It can also detect the presence of another human being in the room other than the candidate. In such cases, the proctor is being given a notification to stay alert and review them if needed.

Why Go for Exam Proctoring Services?

These forms of remote education continue to become more popular because of its offered scalability and flexibility which is one of the major concerns of the students presently. Currently, human proctoring is one of the most common approaches for evaluating the online test. The earlier days of monitoring is extremely labor intensive and expensive which is why proctoring services are preferred. In the field of education, online proctoring has gained an instant success and it is now known as the best practice in the community.

Generally, the online proctored tests ensure the integrity of the individual and it provides meaningful authenticity to an individual’s ability and understanding of the specific niche or subject. Many online schools such as NCAA, WASC, and other prestigious institutes are promoting online test proctoring services. The great advantage of incorporating this service is that any individual now can take up any test irrespective of time, location, and presence which is a unique feature. However, it may sound very promising, but institutions have to get clear about their purposes of online proctoring which they can use as privacy statement or notice. The educational community and institutes must know how to formulate this in the best way possible and this is very important for making an assessment. Many universities are using proctoring services such as the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and they are using the service past three years for their programs. Additionally, VIVES College is using exam proctoring services for of its remote students and they will continue to use it in near future.