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Basic Information About Gluten For New Students

Also in Norway there is an ever-increasing range of gluten-free bread, pasta and the like in the grocery stores.

What Is Gluten

Gluten is a protein compound in wheat, rye, barley and spelled which for example binds pastries and makes it elastic. Much semi-manufactured products are also added gluten, via, for example, wheat flour.

According to the New York Times, many American diet experts agree that natural, gluten-free diets with few ingredients will replace low crab diets – although they do not recommend this diet to people with normal bowel function.

Natural foods

A survey conducted by Pollock Communications, 51 percent of 200 nutritionists predicted that consumers will continue to demand natural, minimally processed foods with few ingredients. Half of the diet experts thought that low fat and low crab diets were “out” in 2013.

57 percent of US experts responded that the focus among consumers is now focused on “high-quality calories” – food with more nutrition per mouthful.

People with the disease celiac disease have been recommended gluten-free diets. But the masses are going to slim by dropping gluten, Christian A. Devon, professor of nutrition science at the University of Oslo, quotes from.

Gluten-free diet only has something for those who have celiac disease. There are no indications that those who have normal intestinal function, which do not respond to gluten, get any health benefit from it, “said Devon.

Increasing awareness

Celiac Disease

Celiac disease (also known as idiopathic stator) is a chronic inflammatory disease due to an inappropriate immune response to the intestinal cells. This is provoked by the protein gluten.

Gluten-free diets have received a lot of media attention in the United States in recent years. Several doctors believe that many are sensitive or intolerant to gluten, but it is difficult to tell who it is and who is not.

It is clearly an increasing awareness of gluten intolerance, but what is difficult is that gluten intolerance symptoms are so unspecific: one can feel unwell, tired and have a bad sleep. It may look like much else. We cannot have it that all cultures go around and are afraid of certain things.