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Final Exams: The Best Ever Tips For an Ultimate Survival

You have spent hours, days and weeks participating in the classes and absorbing each of the wise words that the teachers have shared in class. The only thing left before your well-deserved summer break is the final exams and, despite the hard effort made during the year to do your work and group projects, the final exams usually decide if you are going to spend the summer sunbathing or studying for exams that you have suspended and you have to recover.

But do not despair. We have compiled a short list of tips and tricks that will help you survive the final exams as you spend the summer enjoying drinks by the pool instead of books and textbooks.


  1. Plan

Planning is everything! To keep track of all your exams and all the different topics that you have to study, make sure you schedule your studies carefully. Take some time to make your own personalized calendar with a clear description of what you are going to study. Assign more time to classes that you find particularly difficult and make sure to also plan some breaks, in order to stay motivated.

  1. Take your time

Taking short breaks when studying is as important as spending time in front of notes and books, you need time to process all that new information. Make the most of your free time. It is recommended to spend a bit of time in front of the TV or on social networks. Bu most importantly dedicates it to your rest.

  1. Sleep

You need to be well rested and centered to be able to process more material. Do not go to sleep too late, especially the day before the exam. Make sure you do not sleep too much since taking too many naps could be counterproductive and make you feel more tired.

  1. Eat healthily

We tend to go directly to the restaurants to eat something when we get bored, or to use the candy as a reward when we have achieved something, but to avoid being distracted by hunger or having a sugar fall, make sure you have a breakfast, proper food and dinner, eating something healthy between meals. There is an extensive list of healthy snacks for the brain that will keep you energized while you study.

  1. Do exercise

Studies show that there is a relationship between exercise and academic success. When you are doing cardio (running, swimming, cycling, etc.) your brain is filled with oxygen, making you prepare much better to process and retain new information. Even a less dynamic but active exercise such as walking outdoors will help you a lot in releasing your stress.


  1. Manage your time

When it’s time to take the exam you have to make sure you use your time wisely. Being centered and organized is the key. Spend the first minutes reading all the questions and planning in which order you will answer them. Resist the temptation to start writing. Start with the question you feel most comfortable with to increase confidence levels from the beginning; after a good start, it is much easier to continue with the more difficult questions. With multiple-choice questions, be sure to read all the answers carefully before deciding on an answer. Tricky questions or answers that are very similar to each other can easily lead to error.

  1. Keep hydrated

Many of us know that staying hydrated is important for our physical performance, but, did you know that it is just as important – and maybe more – to your brain? Dehydration can cause headaches and exhaustion, while drinking water can help increase your brain capacity and improve your memory. Keeping hydrated during your final exams can help you take them, so be sure to take a bottle of water with you to the exam room.


  1. Celebrate it!

It’s time to celebrate that you have survived your final exams! You have followed our advice, you have done your best and it is now too late to change the result, so stop worrying about it. Call your friends, spend time with your family or go dancing. Try to appreciate the feeling of freedom after all that time of hard work.

And if the results of your exams are worse than you expected, do not worry; Life is full of second chances, and you will have all the tools you need to do better next time.


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Lara Hawkins is well-known student career counselor and an expert education management professional. She has been working for 10 years and appears to be one of the best professionals in her chosen field. She started from an online assignment company and gradually progressed in the field of education management.