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How and When to Apply for Australian Student Visa

How and When to Apply for Australian Student Visa

You can apply for an Australian Student Visa most extreme of 124 days before the initiation of your course. Likewise, you can go to Australia most extreme 90 days before the beginning of your course.

Under the new guidelines, the Australian student visa process is totally online. Here are some of the basic steps you have to take after to begin an online application.

Part Time Work Options under Student Visa Subclass 500

The part-time work options for students going to Australia have stayed unaltered. Under Visa Subclass 500, students are qualified to work for up to 40 hours in a fortnight while the course is in Session and for unlimited hours when the course isn’t in session (amid breaks). The only proviso is that the student cannot start working until the course commences.

A few things to remember:

Students can’t work until the point when the session starts. For example, starts your course begins January 2017 and you reach Australia by December 2016; at that point, you can’t take up work till your session begins. In case work is a typical piece of the educational modules of the course you are enlisted for then this farthest point does not have any significant bearing. This is normally relevant in the case of compulsory internships of coordinated courses.

Also, students that fall under the Post Graduate Research Sector can work for limitless hours when the examination work or doctoral thesis start. Additionally, in case there are any preparatory courses that the student has selected into, the student is qualified to work as per the 40 hours for every fortnight manages said above. Students finishing the Australian study necessity can apply for a Post-study Work Permit under Graduate Stream. Be that as it may, students enlisted in an ELICOS can’t make a difference for Post Study Work Permit for Australia.

Documents Required for Student Visa for Australia

According to the registered immigration agent Perth, students can determine the reports which would be required. They are providing you with all the conceivable records which may be required under Streamlines and Regular Evidentiary reports. Keep in mind, since the application is just online, students must guarantee that they have filtered duplicates of the considerable number of records recorded prepared before they begin their online application.


The dependents also apply under Subclass 500 and pay the additional fee required. You might considerable all family members on your visa application at the same time of the submission, even if they do not plan to travel with you to Australia. If you do not do this, later on, your family members will not be eligible for the grant of dependent visas to join you in Australia.

The partner of the student gets a Dependent Visa and a valid work permit for the same duration as the primary applicant. This is applicable only for Master’s degree application.

Most of the colleges in Australia accept online applications. You will have to visit each college’s website to apply. It might be possible that you have to make the account for the college website to provide your fundamental information, submit the scanned version of your documents, and pay application fees. You will be informed about the application process and its stages through this account. If you want to know more please contact immigration agent Perth free consultation. We assure you will get the relevant guidance in your visa application.


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