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How Does HR Roles and Responsibilities Define Organization’s Success?

There has always been a debate on the roles and responsibilities of human resource professional in an organization. It gets more controversial when it comes to the HR Leader roles. But what is the debate about? The debate is about HR roles and responsibilities in an organization – how important is the human resource department’s role in defining an organization’s success route.

So what role does a human resource department play or for that matter what are the HR leader roles in an organization? Can an organization do without hr roles and responsibilities? Let’s first understand the roles and responsibilities of a human resource department as whole and then HR Leader roles and how can you attain leadership in HR in your organization.

Leadership in HR – HR Roles and Responsibilities

Considering the fact that the industry insiders themselves are divided on the roles of a HR professional it becomes all the more imperative to define what the word success means to an organization. Why you may ask. And why are experts divided on the HR Leader roles? The answer to the second question is quite simple and at the same time quite profound. Many industry insiders believe that a role of HR is to manage people in an organization, while some of them think that a human resource professional is responsible to resolve numerous talent-related issues in an organization.

Now coming back to the first question – why is it important to define success in terms of an organization? The reason again is quite simple and it is because if the word success of an organization means whether it is making a profit or not, then there is no role of HR there, however, if by an organization’s success it means for an organization to accomplish its mission, vision, strategy and goals, also known as MVSG in CHRO’s parlance, then the HR’s roles is quite clearer and the organization does everything to ensure that there is a strong leadership in HR who can steer an organization to its success.

HR Leader Roles – All You Need To Know

Before you plan to take a step ahead in your career and opt for HR Leader Roles, do ensure that you are ready to take the responsibility of leadership in HR. According to HR guru David Ultric and other industry experts HR leader role is quite important in defining the success of an organization. Since it is the responsibility of a HR leader to ensure that there is a healthy link between an individual employee, and the team and department and the entire organization perform better. In fact, it is HR leader’s role to ensure that there is a straightforward connection between organization’s policies, procedures, programs and services their organization offer and organization’s bigger goals for success.

This is where certifications also play an important role in deciding your career path in human resource department. HR certifications from a reputed institute will help you be successful.