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How Does QoS Matter in Gaming Routers?

Computer hardware manufacturers target gaming users with almost all kind of special gaming peripherals, including keyboards, mice, headsets, graphic cards, sound card and even monitors. With the stream of network gaming competitions or massive multiplayer online gaming MMOG, they are now even offering gaming routers. Yes! The routers specifically marketed towards gamers for improved online experience. However what exactly do these routers do really different from the regular ones. Do their features matter?

QoS in Gaming Routers – Let’s understand With “StreamBoost” Feature in D-Link Router

Some routers are actually marketed as Gaming Routers such as D-Link DGL-5500. Additionally to give gamer aesthetic and higher price tag, it claims “StreamBoost” technology. At present, we have not benchmarked DGL-5500, however we can tell you what exactly going under the hood. StreamBoost is a kind of traffic-shaping engine also called QoS or Quality of Service.

Standard routers aren’t able to tell you which type of traffic is which. For instant your peer use BitTorrent at max speed, Download and upload files on Dropbox, Netflix, web browsing, online gaming, is it all same.

No doubt, this isn’t fine. You need gaming traffic to be prioritized as compared to BitTorrent downloads. As well you want everything, Skyping, web-browsing and the like, prioritized of things like background syncing, and BitTorrent.

The StreamBoost Feature in D-Link is an intelligent feature of QoS traffic shaping. Significantly, QoS is not just available on the routers that are pitched as gaming routers. All The routers that support QoS can prioritize the gaming traffic. One can even install 3rd party firmware from router. Like OpenWRT or DD-WRT, to add QoS support to router without it.

Without any doubt, some QoS features can have much confusing, arcane interfaces. The StreamBoost feature in D-Link is an easy-to-understand and drag-n-drop interface. At the same time QoS features is built-in in firmwares such s Business-Grade routers and OpenWRT may be much more confusing for newbies.

QoS is certainly useful and it can make your online gaming experience much more reliable when you are striving with your roommate who just cannot give up on his or her BitTorrent hobbies. But, keep in mind that any type of router that have QoS feature will function in same manner. There are more features of gaming router to look for if you are concerned about having fastest network speed during online games, no matter you are using wireless or wired network connectivity. These features are Gigabit Ethernet Ports, 802.11ac Wireless, Dual-band Wi-Fi and the like.

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