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Any of us wants a comfortable home. Every evening, we want to return not just to the space surrounded by four walls, but to a place where you can relax after work, spend time with your loved ones, and even work for an hour in the office or home office. No matter how rich or large our house is, we want it to be special, unique and reflect our individuality.

Not everyone can create comfort in the house, therefore, not every interior has a comfortable atmosphere: casual things and accessories, improper furniture arrangement, boring drapes, bare walls cause irritation and bore boredom.

As soon as we begin to realize this, we want to change something, but the upcoming expenses, even greater inconveniences associated with the upcoming repair, the lack of ideas force us to postpone the realization of the noble impulse for an indefinite period.

If the time has not come for a radical change in the house, you can try to update it in inexpensive, but effective ways. Try it! And you will achieve the desired result.

1.     Change the existing order of things, rearrange the furniture

This solution can easily and dramatically change the look of your room. Refuse the usual reception for you to arrange furniture in one row along the walls, some pieces of furniture can be placed in the middle of the room.

These items can be a sofa, a pair of armchairs and a coffee table. If you have a fairly spacious room, you can easily share it with a screen or through a rack. Creating, thus, a cozy corner for family recreation and socializing, you also get additional zones for a dining or working table, and in the case of a studio – a cozy and secure place to sleep.

2.     Do you have a small apartment and you always wanted it to look a little bigger?

There is an exit. Use mirrors to visually brighten and increase the space. You can use large mirror panels, placing them from floor to ceiling. Thanks to this simple method, the room will immediately become lighter and more spacious, an illusion of additional space will appear.

3.     An ordinary sofa can become an oasis of rest

To improve its appearance, it is enough to replace the upholstery or use the covers for the sofa, to update the shape and color of the sofa cushions. Tighten the lampshade or floor lamp with a cloth in the color of the pillows. Play with colors and textures, do not be afraid to experiment.

4.     Do not be afraid to use even in small rooms large objects

For example, an outdoor vase, a sculpture, a luxurious houseplant. Such items, having an original design, an unusual texture, a pattern, will certainly change and diversify the interior of your house, will revive its atmosphere.

5.     On an empty wall, be sure to place large-sized décor

This will become an attractive accessory. It is not necessary to hang a picture, you can put a piece of fabric you like in the frame or make a collage of the remains of wallpaper with your own hands.

6.     Throw away old unnecessary things that spoil the look of the room

They just create clutter and mess. Removing the excess, you immediately notice the difference, you will see how much room becomes cleaner, more pleasant and more spacious.

7.     Review the lighting of the apartment

If the room is incorrectly or poorly lit, it will look sloppy, gray, boring. Supplement the interior with interesting floor lamps, lamps, and change old chandeliers to more modern ones.

8.     Your windows are worthy of attention

Windows are the main source of light and air. Accurate, clean window frames and window sills, as well as beautiful and bright curtains, can change your window beyond recognition.

9.     Do not be afraid of bright colors in the interior

Create yourself a wonderful mood, using interesting, interesting colors. One room can be painted in different colors, not necessarily all the walls must be beige, green or yellow.

Do you want experiments – then cover one of the walls with wallpaper, and leave the rest for painting or paint manually. Or use wallpaper-companions.

10.Photos on the wall

Such a traditional solution will transform the most boring corner of your house. Choose any of the walls of the room and hang on it a lot of photos or pictures. Such a gallery can look very impressive, especially if you are not afraid to use colored frames or frames of a manual robot.

Do not forget about the passe-partout – they will not only allow you to visually enlarge a small photo, but also give the room a charm and sophistication.

In conclusion

Above are some techniques that will make your house look modern day level cool. Also, you will learn to make  the most out of things and improve on the existing rather than spending a fortune on new items. The idea is not bring in new things to uplift the mood of  your house instead the intent is to innovate.

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