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Energy Efficiency and Cost of Operation of Dehumidifiers and how fan helps in it?

Now a days dehumidifiers are now built with more efficient fans and compressors and therefore many of them are certified by Energy Star Ratings. There are two efficiency indicators you must evaluate when buying energy efficient dehumidifiers.

Energy Star Rating

Energy Star qualified Dehumidifiers have been tested and evaluated to energy rigorous efficiency standards. They remove same amount of moisture as similarly sized conventional units, however by consuming 15 percent less energy. They are also constructed with energy efficient compressors, fans and refrigeration coils to help use lesser energy and removing maximum moisture possible.

Energy Factor

Energy factor is efficiency determined by number of liters removed per kW of electricity i.e. L/kWh. The higher is the energy factor more energy efficient will dehumidifier is.

Operational Costs Estimation

To estimate running cost can help to calculate hourly, daily, and even monthly cost of operation to see if things are in your budget or not. You can do this by determining kWh used. The formula is easy, just multiply unit’s wattage by number of hours used per day and divide it with 1,000. Result will show the daily kWh consumption. Multiply this figure by electricity rate and you will get operating cost per day. Do simple math to further calculate hourly, monthly, annually or any periodical costs.

How Fan Operation Helps In Energy Efficiency

Some dehumidifiers include fans which runs consistently or just when system is actively dehumidifying. In past, a heated debate was on which fan designs fuels more efficient system, here is a detail on each.

Fan Runs Continuously

When fan runs consistently, it is always on whether compressor is working or not. Manufacturers theorize that continuously running fan can help to move air continuously past sensor, so that dehumidifier gauges more precise humidity level. By this dehumidifier adjust fan speed to consistently maintain desired level of humidity. Moreover, continuously moving fan redistribute dehumidified air effectively across the room and give an even coverage. Some individuals might be worried for amount of energy used by running such fan, however this should not be a concern as fan consumes just a amount used by a light bulb.

Fan Runs Only While Dehumidifying 

When fan only run while dehumidifying, it cycle off while compressor turns off. It cycle immediately with compressor or few minute after it shuts off. Manufacturers theorize that continually moving fan saves energy to help dehumidifier work more efficiently. However again, energy savings are minimal as fan aren’t considered unnecessary energy consumers.