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Our IIP intern Leah Shipton shines again

Leah Shipton, some portion of AKU’s 2015 International Internship Program 2015 accomplice, is one of three champs of the Harvard FXB Health and Human Rights Consortium 2017 Student Essay Competition.

Leah’s triumphant research paper​ analyzed the degree to which worldwide human rights instruments are securing the privilege to soundness of Guatemala’s indigenous populace. Her article investigates how the soundness of indigenous individuals is firmly identified with the prosperity of their territory making business mining exercises in their general vicinity an immediate hazard to their prosperity.

The paper Canada’s Mining Industry in Guatemala and the Right to Health of Indigenous Peoples has been distributed in the on the web, open access Health and Human Rights diary distributed by Harvard University Press and housed at the François-Xavier Bagnoud Center for Health and Human Rights at the Harvard School of Public Health.

Leah’s work as a general wellbeing assistant at AKU’s Department of Community Health Sciences in 2015 was her first part as a worldwide wellbeing specialist.

The program empowered her to increase true understanding of the complexities of general wellbeing arrangement in rustic and urban Pakistan. She acknowledges the entry level position for helping her see how issues of race, religion, sex and class collaborate with bigger social, monetary and social powers to affect the wellbeing, human rights, and security of individuals in creating nations. She is presently seeking after an ace’s in general wellbeing at the University of Toronto .

The AKU’s yearly International Internship Program gives a chance to worldwide understudies to pick up vocation related work involvement and an understanding to the creating scene through an assortment of chances situated in East Africa, the Middle East, and Central and South Asia.​