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Piano and ballet give university applicants an edge – is that fair?

he university software season has just drawn to some shut. I’ve met thousands of prospective pupils at college open up times, since they get there bright-eyed at the prospect of their new life on campus. It is usually an fascinating, hopeful period. But when it is above, I’m remaining wondering regardless of whether I should tell them about what really takes place driving the scenes following A-level outcomes are declared.

I work in a top university. Like many others, we pay close interest to college league tables. Although these tables are made to assist students choose what university is best for them, actually many of them prohibit college student option and keep back widening participation. The trouble lies in the metrics, notably entry tariff scores, which reflect over students’ A-level outcomes. This score may be the decisive factor in who will get in and who gets turned down.
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Whilst A-level final results make a significant contribution to tariff scores, so do all kinds of other items. Does the applicant possess a good qualification in dance or a quality six in audio? 12 points. Another qualification in speech and drama? A further 12 factors. An A for an prolonged venture? 24 details. Level 3 certification in British sign language? sixteen points.

To supply some context, a B at A-level is really worth 40 details. Last year, as we seemed carefully at students who experienced not fairly created the grades – BBB as an alternative of ABB, for example, or BBC rather of BBB – those with extras this sort of as ballet and piano skills had been offered areas. Other applicants with the same A-level outcomes who did not accomplish an appropriate tariff score have been denied a spot. Talking to colleagues from other departments uncovered this happened throughout the college.

This kind of league desk game-playing from the college administration has an clear impact on widening participation in universities. Students whose mothers and fathers or guardians are not able to pay for for piano or dance lessons, or whose schools do not offer prolonged assignments, as an example, ultimately lose out.

Final 12 months, my division closely re-examined the programs of each student who had just missed their A-level grades. Their private statements uncovered that many had completed remarkably well given their circumstances, and we felt that they had great potential and would flourish at college.

However the college administration, fearing for the university’s place within the league tables, denied them admission. Once the widening participation quota – this 12 months described by individuals receiving totally free school meals – was total, equally deserving pupils skipped out.
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I realize that some league tables attempt to mitigate in opposition to this. The Guardian College Guide’s value-added score is created to counteract reduce tariff scores by giving universities details when pupils from under-represented teams do well. This is useful, but since it focuses on college student results, there’s a two- to three-year time lag between admitting a student from an under-represented group and getting points for them. In the short-term check out of the administration, this is unacceptable.

Until finally tariff scores are taken out from the league tables this apply will proceed. It’s ironic which the info made to aid college students make decisions in the end boundaries their alternatives. If we’re serious as a modern society about enabling anyone to accessibility college schooling, then the league tables must be rethought. As educators, we want to educate these students. Inside the meantime, the most effective admissions advice I am able to give those students and oldsters going to on open working day is to keep at those piano and ballet lessonsshould you can manage them.