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The 1980s music – Carlos Keyes

The 1980s saw a change in its music scenario with the emergence of new wave and dance music as also the decadence of disco, says Carlos Keyes. You probably will remember the 80’s for the increase in the practice of digital recording, and the usage of synthesizers. Many electronic genres, including electro, techno and house, had its beginning in this era, featuring non-traditional instruments, what just increased the popularity of the music.

Throughout the decade, many music genres became more popular and were able to conquer their space in the limelight. According to Carlos Keyes, we had the advent of the golden age of hip hop; rock music divided itself once more, and music with shred guitar characterized by heavy distortion and pinch harmonics like glam and thrash metal became very popular, with glam rock becoming the most commercially successful brand of music worldwide; smooth jazz also gained popularity.

Carlos Keyes says that what most people remembers about that decade is the popularity of Michael Jackson, the first African American artist to have a video on MTV, and who launch in 1982 the considered best-selling album of all time, Thriller; the emergence of Madonna, the most successful female artist of the decade with various albums on the best-selling list, like True Blue, Like a Virgin and Like a Prayer; the powerhouse ballads of Whitney Houston; and the first wave of teen pop groups like New Kids on the Block, New Edition and The Bangles.

Carlos Keyes notices that the 80’s are recognizable for some extremely identifiable characteristics. The heavy-beat songs, huge choruses, the synth heavy sound and the substantial use of reverb, that gives an impression of an “old” and “tinny” song are the most perceptible characteristics of that era. Carlos Keyes however remembers the biggest feature that identifies that time in music, the phrase “it makes you want to dance, right?” The most played songs of that time are pop-dance music, with a beat that did not let you stay still.

A survey, held by the digital broadcaster Music Choice, discovered that the 1980s is the most played decade of the last 50 years. The music is played in theme parties, radios and by new artists that are influenced by its unique characteristics.