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What to Look For in a Guitar Teacher for Your Child?

Looking forward to helping your child learn guitar? The first most important thing to do is find a teacher. You should find a guitar teacher who inspires your child and helps them develop a deep love for the instrument.

If the guitar teacher is unable to inspire your child, he or she cannot motivate your child. He will also fail to awaken the much-needed passion for the guitar to guarantee consistent sound development in child’s technical and musical skills.

Here are some questions you need to as the guitar teacher before hiring one:

– Do you know various ways to stimulate a positive attitude in children?

– What system do you use to motivate children?

– Do you possess good teaching skills and experience?


The teacher must know how to awaken intrinsic motivation in a child (helps the child play their first song confidently). This kind of motivation develops from the inner side of your child. He should simply love playing the instrument. A lot of children are intrinsically motivated as they love music or have an idol to follow. For others, the teacher must know how to inculcate this feeling. Extrinsic motivation is also important wherein the teacher should reward him or her for their progress by encouraging them on a regular basis. Another way is to reward the child with stickers, giving out certificates of merit and achievement, organizing jam sessions with students of the same level, competitions, award ceremonies etc.

Teaching and Technical Skills

Most parents don’t understand that teaching skills and technical skills are two different things. So try to gain ample knowledge about the type of education, technical skills, preparation methods, musical background, written testimonials, and music knowledge, the mentor has to his credit.

Instead of being impressed by just technical skills of a teacher, you must know whether he or she is capable of communicating necessary information clearly and easily. The idea is to distinguish a performing artist from a coach.

As a parent, you would want your child to enjoy guitar lessons. So make sure you have a detailed look at both technical and teaching skills of the teacher prior to encouraging your child from learning guitar. If your child is interested in guitar lessons, look for a highly experienced guitar teacher at

Teaching Experience and Number of Students Taught

It is important to choose a teacher who has more experience in teaching guitar. Also, consider the number of students the teacher has taught. Teaching several children is an experience on its own as each child is unique with special needs and aptitude to learn. A skilled teacher must know how to handle kids.

Costs of the Lessons

This is really important. Guitar lessons come at different prices. Teachers holding a proven track record and experience will definitely charge more. Hence, you need to find out the cost. Cheaper lessons may cause long-term damage. Read testimonials or reviews from past students, academies, before deciding.

The Benefits Offered to Students

Lessons are an investment. Teachers who don’t really care about the long-term progression of their students, are happy to get paid each week, and don’t do anything do extra to help them develop musical skills! Unfortunately, there are lots of teachers like this. I know because I used to be one. At best music schools, students gain a lot from experiences such as workshops, jam sessions, recitals, and trips to gigs and concerts. If a teacher doesn’t offer any of these, you’ll be missing out on a big part of your musical education.

The Styles Teacher Adopts

If a teacher says he can teach a variety of styles, think twice before hiring him or her for your child. As per a famous adage, a jack-of-all-trades is not an expert in anything. In case, you wish your child to learn a specific style, you must go to a teacher who specializes in that specific style. It is good for a teacher to cover a few styles but not all.